Volume 4 Number 4 (Jul. 2014)
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IJAPM 2014 Vol.4(4): 255-258 ISSN: 2010-362X
DOI: 10.7763/IJAPM.2014.V4.294

Electron’s Orbit Is Due to Some Opposite Charge Repulsion

Akande Raphael Oluwole
Abstract—We do not dispute the fact that like charges repel and opposite charges attract. However, we want to probe, theoretically, the conditions under which such attraction or repulsion takes place and to what extent does photon aid the process. Here, in this paper, we provide a work through from the interactions between the electron and protons leading to orbits of electrons. Our assumption is that, since photon is a packet of energy, we have assumed that each packet of quantized energy is converted to a ring, which we assume to be the unit packet of a phonon. In essence, we assume a phonon to be a spring made from the combination of growing rings converted from photon’s packet of energy. Subsequent conversion from photon to phonon results in a compressed spring ready to be relaxed. Hence, we provide a new concept about the well known photon-phonon interaction and such that the interaction is conservative. At the same time, this paper explains same charge attraction and opposite charge repulsion.

Index Terms—Electron, nucleus, protons, photon, phonon, charge, orbit.

Akande Raphael Oluwole is with Theoretical Physics Group, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (e-mail: raphaelakande@myashiritycode.com).

Cite: Akande Raphael Oluwole, "Electron’s Orbit Is Due to Some Opposite Charge Repulsion," International Journal of Applied Physics and Mathematics vol. 4, no. 4, pp. 255-258, 2014.

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